About Us

FARRIS EQUIPMENT SALES has been a a leading supplier of used and rebuilt engine rebuilding equipment across the United States and the world. Through the years, we have shipped our equipment to nearly every state in the USA and to over 72 countries around the world. We have been blessed!! We are not in a class by ourselves, but it doesn't take long to call the roll!!

Sam and Angela Farris own the company and we THANK GOD for each customer, employee, and success we have had through the years. We try to treat whoever we meet like family and serve them to the best of our ability.

As of Jan. 1, 2019, we have sized-down our operation. Instead of rebuilding equipment like we have for many years, we are now looking forward to purchasing, or brokering later model, cleaner equipment that is ready to go to work. So please continue to contact us for your equipment needs, both buying and selling!

For the BEST MACHINE, at the BEST PRICE, from the BEST PEOPLE, contact Farris Equipment Sales for the FARRIST Deal Around!